Nordic Naturals Baby's DHA

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[Product name] Nordic Naturals Baby's DHA


【product description】

In the first year of a baby's birth, their brain will grow to double the size of the baby at birth. DHA is the main problem of brain development. Adequate intake of DHA is essential for proper brain development

NORDIC NATURALS baby DHA is extracted from Arctic cod liver oil, which is naturally high in OMEGA-3 DHA. DHA is an element of baby growth. It also contains healthy levels of vitamins A and D.

Nordic Naturals' cod liver oil formula products have always used arctic cod liver oil-no fish body oil or artificial additives. Arctic cod is a cod with a high content of DHA, vitamin A and vitamin D in cod.


【Product Specifications】60 ml


[Usage method]/[Usage method]/[Usage method] One milliliter a day, take it with food or as directed by a doctor.


[Main function] Help baby's retina and brain development


[Applicable people] Babies and children from one to three years old


[Origin] Norway