Benylin Cough Night Formula Syrup

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Benylin Cough Night Forumla Syrup for Children

Braun Children's Cough Relief is a great tasting solution for children's cough night, specially formulated to help control your child's cough so that your child can sleep.

Effective relief:


The taste of bubble gum, packed in a 100ml bottle.


How to use (6 to under 12 years old):

Shake well before use. Only use the closed dose cup used with this product. Do not use any other dosing devices.

Give 10 ml every 4 hours as needed. Do not give more than 6 doses (60 ml) per day.

Please read the complete label and leaflet before use, and follow all label instructions. Do not use this product in children after 6 years of age.

Note: Please keep it out of reach of children. Do not give any other cough and cold medicines, as injuries may occur. Do not exceed a single or maximum daily dose. Overdose may cause serious injury. May cause drowsiness or excitement. Do not use when children are engaged in activities that require mental alertness. If your child suffers from asthma, chronic lung disease, shortness of breath, difficulty urinating, glaucoma or is taking other medicines, including natural health products, prescription or over-the-counter medicines, please consult a doctor before use. Do not use for more than 7 days, or with oral or topical products that also contain diphenhydramine. If symptoms worsen and last for more than a week, or are accompanied by a high fever (gt;38°C) or thick yellow-green sputum, talk to a medical practitioner. If your child is allergic to any ingredients, please do not use. If you experience allergic reactions such as wheezing, rash, or itching, stop using it. Side effects may include: allergic reactions, difficulty breathing, convulsions, drowsiness, hallucinations, and rapid heart rate. Children tolerate the package. Store between 15-30°C. Prevent freezing. Safety function: If the carton is open, or if the printed bottle tie or inner foil seal is broken, do not use.

In case of overdose: contact a doctor or poison control center immediately, even if you do not notice any signs or symptoms.