Nordic Naturals Children's Fish Oil 90 Capsules

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[Product Name] Nordic Naturals Children's DHA

[Product introduction] NORDIC NATURALS baby DHA is extracted from Arctic cod liver oil, which is naturally high in OMEGA-3 DHA. DHA is an element of baby growth. It also contains healthy levels of vitamin A and D. Nordic Naturals' cod liver oil formula products have always used arctic cod liver oil-no fish body oil or artificial additives. Arctic cod is a cod with a high content of DHA, vitamin A and vitamin D in cod.

【Product Specifications】90 capsules

[Main function] Liquid DHA is extracted from the liver of deep sea cod in the Arctic Ocean to help children develop their retina and brain. Contains Vitamin A and Vitamin D

【Usage】Once a day, 4 capsules each time, chew and take

[Applicable people] Suitable for children over 3 years old

[Origin] Norway