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Mini Program Cooperative Distribution Agreement

According to the relevant laws and regulations of our country, under the principles of equality, voluntariness, fairness, good faith, and compliance with the law, the following unanimous agreements have been reached on the specific matters of the online distribution cooperation between users and businesses:

1. Cooperation content

The two parties cooperate on the basis of resource sharing and mutual benefit. Users voluntarily distribute merchant products at agreed supply prices, and introduce and solicit buyers who do not exceed three-level distribution. The user is responsible for introducing the distributed products and facilitating the success of the transaction. The merchant promises to supply on time according to the address provided, guarantee the quality of the product, and give a certain percentage of commissions at all levels.

2. Duration of cooperation

The validity period is 1 year from the date the user confirms the cooperation. If the two parties have no objection, the contract will be automatically renewed.

3. Product quality

The quality of the product complies with relevant national regulations.

Four, delivery

1. Delivery location: The merchant delivers the goods at the address provided by the user.

2. Transportation method: Express delivery method, transportation fee according to merchant's regulations.

5. The rights and responsibilities of both parties

1. Merchant's responsibilities and obligations:

1) The merchant promises to deliver the goods according to the provided address within the agreed time when receiving the user's delivery request. In case of special circumstances, it will explain in advance;

2) Merchants should provide sales materials and information to promote the distribution of goods according to the needs of users, and assist users in obtaining necessary product descriptions;

3) Merchants are not allowed to change the supply price of the distributed goods at will, and the user must be notified in advance if there is any change;

4) The merchant guarantees the quality of the products supplied.

2. User's responsibilities and obligations:

1) Users must continuously improve and improve their own service quality to increase the number of customers they recruit, but the total number must not exceed three-level distribution;

2) Users must respect the intellectual property rights and trademark rights of the merchant;

3) The information and items provided by the merchant used by the user shall not be used for affairs that have nothing to do with the cooperation items agreed by the two parties;

4) Users ensure that they do not use any products or materials of the merchant for matters unrelated to network distribution.

Six, confidentiality agreement

1. Except for materials that must be disclosed by law, neither party shall display relevant materials and information to third parties.

2. The personal information and data provided by the user to the merchant is only used by the merchant for its own business and will not be disclosed to any third party.

3. The above-mentioned confidentiality obligations of both parties shall remain valid after the expiration of this agreement.

7. Termination of the agreement

1. Both parties shall perform their obligations in accordance with the provisions of this agreement. If any party violates and fails to make corrections in time within ten working days from the other party’s written notice, the non-defaulting party has the right to cancel the breaching party’s qualifications for cooperation and terminate this agreement.

2. If the user wants to unilaterally terminate the agreement, he must provide a written explanation to the merchant. After obtaining the merchant’s approval, the agreement is terminated.

8. Other

1. For matters not covered in this agreement, a supplementary agreement can be established after mutual negotiation.

2. Disputes in agreement shall be resolved through friendly negotiation between the two parties. If the settlement fails, you can resort to arbitration or litigation.


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